Global Youth Development Department

Lindsey Nichols, Assistant Professor of Counselor Education, Director

Housed in the Department of Counselor Education, this interdisciplinary master's degree program is designed for students who wish to engage in culturally-relevant volunteer work or paid employment in the realm of child and family assistance. It is affiliated with the United States Peace Corps as a partner school for their master's international program. Requirements include one year of full-time instruction at UM, a significant period of time engaging in internship work in an applied intercultural setting, and a final professional paper or thesis. Internships will typically be 1-2 years and will involve work in a culture other than one's own. Students participating in this program are expected to gain the following background and competencies:

  • important interculturally-informed helping skills for working with youth, women, families and communities in culture other than their own

  • a solid background in issues, concerns, and critiques regarding assistance and interventions across culture, both historically and currently

  • the opportunity to pursue and participate in a significant field experience, working with an established helping agency in another culture or country

Undergraduate Minor