Global Leadership (GBLD)

GBLD 110 - Global Challenges and Leadership. 1 Credit.

Prereq., admission to the GLI and consent of GLI Director. Introduction to key global challenges, identifying issues inherent in the challenges, and working with others to research and tackle the challenges.

GBLD 194 - Seminar. 3 Credits.

(R-6) Offered autumn. Prereq., students enrolled in the Global Leadership Certificate program. Small seminar-style courses focused on multidisciplinary approaches to new and enduring global challenges that include intercultural or international perspectives taught by UM faculty around campus.

GBLD 220 - Models of Leadership. 2 Credits.

Prereq., admission to the GLI and consent of GLI Director. Exploration of leadership models, how culture influences the effectiveness of those models, and how one's leadership style can best be identified, developed, and put into action.

GBLD 294 - Seminar. 1-6 Credits.

(R-6) Presentations by students, faculty, and professionals on issues and topics in their field.

GBLD 499 - GLI Capstone. 1-2 Credits.

(R-3) Prereq., senior standing and consent of GLI Director; culminating project addressing a global question, to include a written proposal (completed and presented in semester 1) and execution of a project (completed and presented in semester 2).