Anthropology M.A. - Linguistics

The option is designed for students who wish to pursue studies of linguistics, languages, or linguistic analysis. The program’s focus is on regional Native American languages, native language revitalization and maintenance, and English as a second language.

The Linguistics Option is primarily oriented toward academic research and most students conduct original research that results in a thesis that is used to satisfy the MA degree requirements. Classes are chosen with advice from a faculty advisor to fulfill the student's goals.

Master of Arts - Anthropology - Linguistics Option

College of Humanities & Sciences

Required Credits: 30

Required Cumulative GPA: 3.0

Catalog Year: 2020-21

Students who satisfactorily complete the following core requirements will earn the Master of Arts degree in Anthropology with the Linguistics option.

  • Anthropology 500, LING 570, and 6 credits in additional Anthropology or Linguistics graduate seminars; this total may include 3 credits in an appropriate cooperative education experience (internship).

  • A total 1 to 10 credits in ANTH 599, consistent with graduate school requirements (6 credits recommended).

  • Four courses from LING 470-475 or 484, if not taken as an undergraduate.

NOTE: This option differs from the MA in Linguistics, offered through the Linguistics Program.