Modern & Classical Literature - General (MCLG)

MCLG 110 - Introduction to European Studies. 3 Credits.

Offered autumn. This course offers an introduction to key concepts and themes of European Studies. It examines the phenomenon of Europe as a geographic region as well as an historical cultural construct.

MCLG 300 - Language in the Real World: Introduction to Applied Linguistics. 3 Credits.

Offered in the Autumn semester, every even numbered year. Many problems we encounter day-to-day have to do in one way or another with language. From addressing friends to writing academic texts, and from learning to write to using voice recognition technology to search the Internet, a lot of what we do in our private and professional lives has to do with language. Resolving language-related problems/issues in the real-world is a complex and dynamic task that requires not only knowledge about what language is and how it works, but also the use of interdisciplinary resources. Applied linguistics has developed into a problem driven and real-world based field that addresses language-based problems in real-world contexts. In this course you will explore language problems: (a) In human development and across the lifespan, (b) in education, (c) in society, and (d) in professional and institutional settings.

MCLG 315 - Major Hispanic Authors. 3 Credits.

Offered autumn. Prereq., WRIT 101 or equivalent, and one intermediate writing course. The intensive study of the life times, and works of a major Hispanic author.

Gen Ed Attributes: Writing Course-Advanced

MCLG 391 - Special Topics. 1-6 Credits.

(R-6) Offered intermittently. Experimental offerings of visiting professors, experimental offerings of new courses, or one-time offerings of current topics.

MCLG 410 - Methods Teaching Foreign Language. 3 Credits.

Offered spring. Fundamental concepts, objectives and techniques in the teaching of foreign languages.